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His Darkness- His Confession Trilogy Book 1 - Signed Paperback

His Darkness- His Confession Trilogy Book 1 - Signed Paperback

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These paperback editions are signed and personalize by the author and only available on on this store. 


I’m not a villain. I’m something much, much worse…


People have called me many things over the years.

 Cold. Violent. Monster. Psychopath.

 Only the last one is incorrect.

 I’m actually a sociopath.

 But my lack of feelings never hurt me. In fact, it helped me survive the brutal torture of my upbringing. Made me one of the best mafia enforcers in the business.

 So, I’m…content with my life. Or I was, at least.

 Until I saw her.

 Luna Wilde is the property of one of my boss’s men. Untouchable. Forbidden. I’ve been ordered to keep my distance.

 But for the first time, I don’t give a single fu*k about my orders.

 I’m obsessed. Ready to stalk her to the ends of the earth and destroy anyone who stands between us.

 I hope she likes the dark.

 Because that’s where she’ll stay now that she’s mine

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