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His Stakes - Book 2 - His Obsession Trilogy - Discreet (PAPERBACK)

His Stakes - Book 2 - His Obsession Trilogy - Discreet (PAPERBACK)

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This exclusive discreet print cover is only available here on my store! 

My obsession might get me killed. But that doesn’t mean I have any intention of letting her go…

Revenge was all that mattered to me.

Until her.

I dragged Veda Calbert into my life. Kidnapped her like the monster I am and made her my captive. A pawn. I swore she’d never be more to me.

I was wrong.

She became my everything. My vita.

But I screwed up and let my enemy get his hands on her. Now she’s scarred, angry, and determined to hate me. She should. I deserve it.

I won’t accept it, though. She’ll always be mine—heart, body, and soul.

So, when the time comes, I’ll have Veda and my revenge. Because the rules might have changed, but this is still my game.

And I’m about to raise the stakes in ways no one will see coming …


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