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His Win - Book 3 - His Obsession Trilogy Discreet (PAPERBACK)

His Win - Book 3 - His Obsession Trilogy Discreet (PAPERBACK)

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This exclusive discreet print cover is only available here on my store! 

The cards are on the table, and I’m betting everything on her…

My vita betrayed me. Sold me out to my worst enemy.

If she were anyone else, she’d be dead. But killing her would destroy me, so I gave her a chance to run. She took it.

I never should have let her go.

Now, everything I’ve worked for is within reach. I’ll soon have not only my revenge, but also my rightful place in the business.

And none of it means anything without Veda.

Winning her back won’t be easy. She’ll resist me and the dark desire that draws us together at every turn.

But I won’t stop until she’s back in my life—and my bed—forever.

Because in this broken, violent, dirty fairy tale, it’s the monster who’ll get the happily ever after…


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