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Sa Victoire - Son Obsession Trilogie Livre 3 (EBOOK)

Sa Victoire - Son Obsession Trilogie Livre 3 (EBOOK)

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Les cartes sont sur la table, et je parie tout sur elle…

Ma vita m'a trahi. M'a vendu à mon pire ennemi.

Si elle était quelqu'un d'autre, elle serait morte. Mais la tuer me détruirait, alors je lui ai donné une chance de s'enfuir. Elle l'a pris.

Je n'aurais jamais dû la laisser partir.

Maintenant, tout ce pour quoi j'ai travaillé est à portée de main. J'aurai bientôt non seulement ma revanche, mais aussi ma juste place dans le business.

Et rien de tout cela ne signifie quoi que ce soit sans Veda.

La reconquérir ne sera pas facile. Elle résistera à moi et au sombre désir qui nous rassemble à chaque tournant.

Mais je ne m'arrêterai pas tant qu'elle ne sera pas de retour dans ma vie – et dans mon lit – pour toujours.

Parce que dans ce conte de fée brisé, violent et sale, c'est le monstre qui aura le bonheur pour toujours…

His Win , tome 3 de la trilogie His Obsession, est un thriller d'amour contemporain mafieux / crime organisé sexy, émotionnel, angoissant et sombre. Si vous avez déjà regardé La Belle et la Bête et que vous avez souhaité que Beast reste une bête à la fin, ou que vous ayez déjà regardé Les Sopranos et que vous souhaitiez qu'il y ait beaucoup plus de romance torride, alors téléchargez aujourd'hui et préparez-vous à tomber amoureux de Luca.

Featured tropes

  • Age Gap
  • He Kidnaps Her
  • Knife Play
  • Mistaken Identity
  • Touch Her and Die Vibes


His Win, book 3 in the His Obsession trilogy, is a sexy, emotional, angsty, dark contemporary mafia / organized crime romance thriller. If you ever watched Beauty and the Beast and wished Beast stayed a beast at the end, or ever watched The Sopranos and wished there was way more hot romance in it, then download today and get ready to fall for Luca.


My vita betrayed me. Sold me out to my worst enemy.

If she were anyone else, she’d be dead. But killing herwould destroy me, so I gave her a chance to run. She took it.

I never should have let her go.

Now, everything I’ve worked for is within reach. I’ll soon have not only my revenge, but also my rightful place in the business.

And none of it means anything without Veda.

Winning her back won’t be easy. She’ll resist me and the dark desire that draws us together at every turn.

But I won’t stop until she’s back in my life—and my bed—forever.

Because in this broken, violent, dirty fairy tale, it’s the monster who’ll get the happily ever after…


Chapter 1 - Look Inside



And I did. Like the fucking coward I was.

However, I couldn't escape the look of betrayal I saw on Luca's face or the fear and loss that darkened his blue eyes right before I ran out of his office. That look would haunt me for the rest of my days. 

And there was pain. So much fucking pain. Both his and my own.

But you know what? I was pissed off, too. He wouldn't even listen to me. He'd allowed me to explain, but he didn't listen to me. He didn't care that I was scared. That I'd only done it to try to protect him. And I half wondered if the only reason I got out of there alive was because he didn't have a gun handy and he couldn't quite bring himself to kill me with his bare hands. 

My heart raced as I had Enzo drop me off at the bus station and went inside, watching as the SUV pulled away. Right before I'd gotten out of the car, he'd shoved a piece of paper at me with his number on it, along with a large wad of money, telling me to use it for a ticket so there'd be no paper trail and Luca wouldn't be able to find me.

"Be smart. Don't do anything that'll give him a chance to track you, because he will. And honestly, Veda. I don't know what the fuck he'll do when he finds you." He paused. "Take care of yourself, and hang onto that," he told me with a nod at the paper. "Memorize that number and then burn that piece of paper. If you ever feel your life is in danger, call me immediately. Otherwise, I don't want to hear from you. Oh, and hey,"— he grabbed my arm before I could get out of the vehicle—, "just because we're letting you go doesn't mean we've forgotten about you. But you need to get far away from here. And you need to forget about us. Comprendere?"

I nodded. I understood exactly what he was saying.

But I had no intention of going anywhere until I made sure my parents were okay. Until I told them about Nicole. And Sammy. I needed to check on my best friend. And I needed to talk to her. Warn her. Tell her what had happened, despite Enzo's warning. I trusted Sammy with my life. She wouldn't tell my secrets. She was the most trustworthy person I knew. Besides, as soon as she saw me, she'd know something was wrong, and if I knew Sammy—--and I did—--I could guarantee she'll harass me about it until I tell her what exactly what's going on...

Oh, god. I couldn't breathe. My heart was shattered. And I didn't think it would ever be whole again.

An hour later, scared, tear-stained, and desperately needing a shoulder to cry on, I showed up on my best friend's doorstep with the one suitcase I'd thrown together before Enzo had rushed me out of the house. She'd started classes at the University of Texas last fall, and had an apartment that she shared with two other roommates. 

"I'm sorry I haven't called you," I told her as soon as I finished hugging the ever-loving crap out of her. "My phone broke a while back and I haven't had a chance to get another one." The lies slipped so easily from my mouth these days.

She took one look at me, flipped her long, purple braids over her shoulder, so pretty against her dark skin, and pulled me inside the apartment. "I figured your sister was running you ragged. You look like hell. But not your usual "I work too much and need to get my own life" kind of hell. You look like the kind of hell only a hot guy...or girl?"— Sshe glanced up at me with curiosity. I shook my head with a rueful smile, and she sighed and continued—, "can cause. Lucky for you, I just stocked up on ice cream."

I laughed. I couldn't help it. It was such a cliché thing to say. And she was dead fucking serious when she'd said it. "I've missed you," I told her. 

Sammy smiled. "I've missed you, too. Now get your skinny white ass into this kitchen and tell me what the hell happened since I last saw you."

"I'm not skinny." The words were automatic. We've been having this same argument since we'd met. 

"Girl, you are nowhere near as thick as me. Although I know you wish you were..." She rubbed her hands down her hips and thighs suggestively. The smile fell from her face when I just looked at her and didn't roll my eyes and give her my usual comeback. I felt lost. Like this entire conversation was all a dream of a past life. One I didn't know anymore. One I didn't belong in.

"Shit, V. What the hell is going on with you?"

An ugly laugh burst from me as fresh tears welled in my eyes. "You won't believe me when I tell you."

She watched me struggle with my composure for a few seconds, then said, "Look. How about we get you settled in my room. You can wash your face or get a shower or whatever you need to do to pull yourself together while I order some food. And then we'll talk."

"I don't want to put you out. I just needed a place to stay until I could see my parents and didn't know where else to go. I can't stay there with them. Mom know..." I shrugged. "She fucking hates me."

"Pfft. Girl, please. Who the hell are you even talking to right now?" Grabbing the handle of my luggage, she started hauling it to the back of the apartment, talking the whole way. "I'm the one who found this place, so I got the biggest bedroom. And the biggest bed. And my own bathroom. There's plenty of room."

"Where are your roommates?" I asked as I followed her down the hall. The apartment was larger than I'd first thought, but still cozy. An open kitchen with a breakfast nook and living area took up the front of the space, all white and beige and bright and airy. The furniture was also done in light colors. Nothing fancy. Just a cream-colored sectional couch that wrapped around a long coffee table with a big plant on one end and a window on the other , a television, and some neutral artwork on the walls. Down the hall were two bedrooms across the hall from each other, a closet, and a bathroom. Sammy's room was at the end. The entire place was carpeted, except the kitchen and bathrooms. "This place is nice," I told her through my tears as I followed her into her room.

"It's better than a dorm room." She hefted my suitcase onto the bed. "The roomies are at class or work or somewhere other than here. We don't really keep tabs on each other, which is why I like them. That, and they're never late on rent. Although I do have to get on Ian sometimes when it's his turn to take out the trash."


"Yeah. He's got the first room on the right. Maddie has the other one."

"I take it Maddie isn't your current fuck, since she has her own room and all."

Sammy gave me a smirk. "Maybe we just like to sleep in our own beds. Jealous?"

"Always," I told her.

"Ah, if only you liked girls, V. I'd ruin you for anyone else."

I gave my best friend a sad look. She was probably right. She was totally hot. With this confident vibe that made gay girls flock to her and straight girls question their sexuality. And the girls she hooked up with never wanted to leave. "I wish I did. I really do. Because I've had enough of fucking men right now."

Without a word, Sammy closed the space between us and gave me another hug. I wrapped my arms around her, inhaling her smell that I loved so much. Some lotion she'd used ever since I could remember. "I love you, V," she told me. "But, girl, you stink like you've been walking the streets all day. Get your fine ass in the shower and then we'll stuff ourselves with greasy food and you can tell me all about this boy who broke your heart."

Boy. Luca was far from a boy. But I didn't bother to correct her. She'd find out soon enough. Pulling away, I grabbed some clean clothes out of my suitcase while she went to order food.

Two hours later, we were sitting on the couch. The coffee table was littered with empty takeout containers, two shot glasses, tissues, and a half empty bottle of pineapple vodka, and Sammy was looking at me like she'd never met me before. I'd told her everything, only leaving out things that might pull her into my mess. Like names or locations.

I finger-combed my hair away from my eyes. "What?" I asked her.

"V, don't take this the wrong way, but maybe you should do what he told you to do. Maybe you should run."

I shrugged one shoulder. "I did. I came here. He doesn't know anything about you."

She barked out a laugh. "If you believe that, you're almost as stupid as your sister." Immediately after she said it, she slapped a hand over her mouth. "Oh, shit. Fuck. I'm sorry. I forgot for a second."

I pulled her hand away from her mouth and held it in mine. "It's okay. She was a bitch. But she was my sister and now she's dead. It takes a minute to get used to."

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Customer Reviews

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Michelle Yenne
Great final book in the trilogy!

Well we've made it to the end of Veda and Luca's story. Just like the others I had this read in one sitting due to the suspense. His Win starts where His Stakes leaves off, Luca telling Veda to run after he finds her going through his office. She leaves Luca but she refuses to leave Texas until she tells her parents about her sister's murder and is able to hold a memorial so she can grieve with her family. The connection and chemistry between Luca and Veda is still strong. Mario is still loose trying to get Veda from his brother. Like before Lucas and Tristan are there to support Luca. This story ends with a romantic gesture with a knife and an HEA. I can't wait to read Enzo's story this winter!